The medical ebook pdf, Therapeutic Exercise Foundations and Techniques provides specific instructions on therapy exercises as well as rehabilitation exercises with clear, easy-to-follow illustrations and videos.

Therapeutic exercise is one of the important rehabilitation therapies that helps patients recover during and after a disease or to prevent sequelae caused by illness. Therefore, rehabilitation departments in health facilities or rehabilitation centers are very attractive to patients.

This book is updated and revised for the 6th time, providing the latest information on therapy exercises for movement disorders. These include hand exercises, postoperative spinal surgery or for patients with spinal problems.

Therapeutic Exercise Foundations and Techniques 6th Edition

Summary about Therapeutic Exercise Foundations and Techniques

Name Therapeutic Exercise Foundations and Techniques
Author (s) Carolyn Kisner PT MS, Lynn Allen Colby PT MS
Publisher F.A. Davis Company; 6 edition (October 2, 2012)
Hardcover 960 pages
Language English


Having used this book as part of my PT degree, I found this book very poorly organized. There are far too many headings and subheadings to keep track of what section you are in. While there is valuable information within the textbook, the excessive amount and types of headings resulted in my having to go back and forth in each chapter to make sure I knew how the information I was reading was fitting in with the rest of the text.

Also, to reference concept in one chapter that is covered in depth in another chapter, the authors just cite, in parentheses, the relevant chapter number. However, their chapters are long, and certain concepts/key words hard to find (even using the Index). It would be helpful to provide a page number instead, so that the reader can go directly to the section of the chapter that covers the aspect of the concept they are referring to.



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