The book A Beginner’s Guide to Total Knee Replacement compiled by Prakash has presented very basic content as well as in-depth knowledge of knee replacement techniques and materials. This is a very useful book for doctors and medical students to consult and study.

Jointing is an important part of the motor system. Any lesions, abnormalities of joints lead to limiting movement, greatly affecting the quality of life of patients, sometimes changing completely the lives of patients and families: changes in living, self-service for themselves, work, affected family relationships.

One of the most resistant joints is the knee joint, so it is also most vulnerable. If you experience knee damage, the patient may be limited, even unable to walk. Damage to the type of osteoarthritis is a very common lesion in the elderly, greatly affecting the patient’s life.

A Beginner’s Guide to Total Knee Replacement

In A Beginner’s Guide to Total Knee Replacement, to medical treatment, surgical measures are indicated in cases of severe damage that internal medicine is not effective. That is knee replacement surgery. This surgery has a higher rate of patients in Asian countries. This can also be explained by the conditions of living, labor support as well as nutrition that are not well supported by the Western countries which have developed economy and preventive medicine.

Clinical manifestations of damaged knee joints are easily noticed by patients themselves such as pain and pain, limited movement.

The manifestations of the knee joint are much more noticeable than the hip joint because the hip joint is located deep below the muscle layer, the fat is thick, making the symptoms possible to confuse the patient with other conditions, making the visit to the hospital. For examination and treatment may be slower.

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